Friday, August 10, 2012

Teaching and old dog and old trick...

Now, let me clarify...I do cook...sometimes...but I do not enjoy it at all! I am trying to change that. I watch all the popular cooking shows with my family..."Hells Kitchen," "Next Food Network Star," "Paula Deen," Bobby Flay," Master Chef," etc...I love them! Still, when I hear the people on these shows go on and on how much they LOVE to cook, I literally cringe at the mere suggestion...this is not a put on...I really have an aversion to it, for some reason. I would love to spend time in the kitchen with my daughter, teaching her all of these great recipes and having quality time making food that is just so delicious...anyway, for my first post, I turned to one of the first dishes I actually learned to cook. I was my daughter's age, 13, and I actually wanted to make dinner for my family. So, I looked through my mom's cookbooks (she is a great cook BTW) and I found Chicken Divan...I love hearty casseroles and also chicken, so this seemed perfect. I made it, with her help, and it came out pretty good. See, the irony is, I can least a few dishes...I just dread it...I can follow a recipe, but as far as coming up with my own stuff...never, here is my old recipe for Chicken Divan. Has not changed much I am sure. It tastes family is not here so I have not had their seal of approval as of is how I made it, and yes, I cheated a little...give me a break, will ya...this is kinda new to me :) In a glass 9x13 casserole dish, I placed frozen brocolli pieces. On top, I added COOKED (must be cooked) chicken (now, here is the cheating part...I bought the chicken already cooked from the store). Then, in a bowl, I mixed a can of Cream of Mushroon, a can of Cream of Chicken, 1/2 a cup of mayo, and tablespoon lemon juice. I then placed in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. I took it out and added the sharp cheddar cheese and instead of bread crumbs (not a fan) I added Durkey onions...put back in the oven another 15 minutes...voila! Chicken Divan...simple, but I will try more complicated things as I go...and PLEASE give me recipes to try! This is one of the MAIN reasons I am doing this blog...I have no creativity in the kitchen :) BTW, these are pics of the dish I just made...Bon Appetito!

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